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The Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) in partnership with Alam Ba U started the Advocacy, Child Online Protection and Cyber Safety Campaign. This campaign is made by the women and children members of DAWN to educate their fellow mothers and youth on responsible and safe online use such as surfing the web, interacting on social media, and more.

We hope that through these videos, mothers and their children are able to work together and discuss on how to make their online presence safe to prevent online threats such as cyberbullying, online fraud and and sexual exploitation.

Mothers of  DAWN share their experiences and insights on how they protect their children against online sexual abuse and exploitation.

"Kailangan nating subaybayan ang ating mga anak pagdating sa internet dahil hindi naman sila nababantayan 24 hours, maraming masasamang bagay na maaaring mangyari." shared by the mothers.

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let us all make time to bond with our moms and thank them for being supportive, caring, and loving, and for keeping us safe in the internet and at home.

"Bago matulog araw-araw kong tinatanong ang aking anak sa ginagawa niya lalo na kapag nag-o-online siya at kailangan lagi siyang safe na panatag ako dahil sa may katuwang na ako sa pag-explain at pwedeng takbuhan ng aking anak regarding sa cyberbullying." shares Mommy Luz when asked about how she tracks her son's online activities.

Conversations are important in building trust in almost every relationship, more so if it's within the family. Mommy Luz proves that as parents, asking about how our children feel or what they do or what's on their minds is our first step to keeping them safe and protected at home, online, or wherever.

"Ang ginagawa ko po, binabarkada ko po yung mga anak ko. Yung nagba-bonding kami, nag-uusap usap kami, para kapag tinanong ko sila anong ginagawa nila sa internet nasasabi nila sa akin saka nagpapaalam sila. Kaya ang sabi ko sa kanila, kapag nag-o-online sila, yung may limit sila sa oras. Pero minsan buong araw online. Nakikinig naman po sila." Mommy Gilda on her approach in handling her children's online activities.

Setting guidelines and limitations when it comes to being online is one of the many ways on how we can monitor our children's online activities but talking to them more often still is the best way to check on them so they won't be scared or intimidated in sharing their experiences online and offline.

"I make sure na alam nila kung ano yung dapat at hindi nila dapat buksan na sites sa internet atsaka dapat alam nila kung hanggang anong oras lang sila dapat gumamit ng internet sa isang araw," shares Mommy Rachel of when asked how she protects her children from risks online.

Recently, we just celebrated Mother's day and highlighted our importance in making our children safe. Mother's day or not, let us continue making sure that our children are far from being victimized by online perpetrators of abuse and exploitation.

"Kaibiganin nila, kabarkadahin nila anak nila. So magkwento tuwing darating, mag-open, magtanong, saan galing sinong kasama. Siguro dun dahan dahan, sasabay yung bata, lalo na kapag nag-open ng computer at internet." shares Mommy Lissa on cyber safety.

We, parents tend to be strict to our children. While it is okay to set guidelines and limitations for our children specially when it comes to their online activities, it is also important to note that constant checking about their daily experiences online and offline through having conversations with them can also help keep a healthy and encouraging environment for the family.

Alam Ba U is an online hub that educates, supports and connects stakeholders in the protection of children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. To know more about this, visit their website.


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