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Teatro Akebono
Moving On: Stories of DAWN Women Survivors

The book presents twelve inspiring stories of DAWN women returnees who have survived the odds as former entertainers in Japan. It talks about the realities of life --- the push factors that drive women to work in Japan, the nature of their job as entertainers and the difficulties upon their return. How they managed to surpass the challenges and the lessons learned in the process were shared by the women survivors themselves by writing their stories for this book.

Moving On has both the Filipino and English versions of the stories for the benefit of DAWN’s local and international networks.

Interested parties may order for a copy of the book through postal or email.

No. of Pages: 297
Price: P395.00 or US$12.00 (plus delivery charge)

PAINS AND GAINS: A Study of Overseas Performing Artists in Japan -
from Pre-departure to Reintegration
The book unveils the age-old yet unresolved issues surrounding the migration of Filipino women to Japan as entertainers covering the entire process – from pre-departure, in their work places in Japan, and during their reintegration into Philippine society.

The year-long research conducted by the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) and the proceedings of the Manila Conference on September 17, 2003 co-organized by DAWN and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) with support from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung are comprehensively presented in the book.

Pains and Gains presents the views and insights of various sectors --- government, civil society, private agencies and the entertainers themselves who share their personal experiences on labor migration during the course of the data gathering and at the Manila Conference.

The book discusses the legal, social and economic issues confronting Filipino women in Japan, highlighting their vulnerability and dehumanization in the midst of economic gains.

On its eighth year of advocating the rights of migrant women in Japan and their Japanese-Filipino children, DAWN has published this book to promote its policy advocacy and encourage stronger civil society efforts towards ensuring just and humane conditions for Filipino migrant workers and their families.

No. of Pages: 207
Price: P395.00 or $12.00 (plus delivery charge)


This is a joint research conducted by the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) and Kaibigan ng OCWs. The two groups pooled their efforts to assess the implementation and impact of the Magna Carta on its intended beneficiaries: migrant workers, overseas Filipinos and members of their families, and to suggest amendments to the law. The book also contains the proceedings and highlights of the seminar-forum participated in by representatives of several government agencies, migrant workers and NGOs dealing with migrants and overseas Filipinos.

No. of Pages: 141
Price: P150.00 or $5.00 (plus delivery charge)

We Are Your Children, Too: Creative Journeys of DAWN's Japanese- Filipino Children members

Through this book, DAWN would like to share with you its journey with the Japanese-Filipino children in the Philippines as they grow and take on more mature roles in life. This will share how 
DAWN utilizes the different creative mediums in trying to reach out to the JFC, talk to them, encourage and understand them.

No. of Pages: 130

Interested parties may order for a copy of the book through postal or email at the addresses listed here. You may also call DAWN office at 526-9098 / 526-9101 (fax).
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