Alternative Livelihood Program

The Alternative Livelihood Program provides opportunities that address medium-term concerns and needs of the women who come to DAWN, with DAWN’s Social services ensuring a secure line of hope.

As the women gradually rebuild their lives, they regain and strengthen their sense of dignity and self-worth by actively participating in productive activities, that are designed to open doors to economic opportunities and hopefully, sustainable sources of alternative livelihood.

In order to free up alternative livelihoods opportunities for women members, networking and tapping potential providers of alternative livelihood is integral to DAWN’s Alternative Livelihood Program.

The components of our Alternative Livelihood Program are designed to develop productivity skills of interested women, along with entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Above all, our Alternative Livelihood Program is designed to strengthen the sense of community and belongingness of the women and the rest of the DAWN family.

Sikhay is DAWN’s maiden alternative livelihood program for women. Sikhay is short for Sikap-Buhay which means striving for a better life or self-empowerment. It presently consists of sewing and handloom weaving. Sikhay shall continue to showcase the livelihood activities as effective tools for the empowerment of women.

Home-based projects

DAWN shall provide assistance to interested women in setting up viable and sustainable home-based economic enterprises such as the following:

  1. Production such as peanut butter-making, sewing & weaving, etc.

  2. Buy and Sell such as sari-sari stores, dry goods, food vending, etc.

  3. Services such as massage, pedicure & manicure, etc.

  4. to develop camaraderie among the participants including the workshop facilitators / staff and volunteers.

As part of its commitment to provide economic assistance and support to women beneficiaries of its project with the ILO on the ‘Psycho-social and Economic Reintegration Program for Women Victims of Trafficking,’ DAWN held several career counseling, trainings, workshops and seminars in entrepreneurial building and accounting.

In June 2008, in partnership with the PUP College of Cooperatives, DAWN started a series of seminars on cooperativism. The objective was to respond to the many queries of the women and to find out if it would be possible for the women to come together and pool their resources for a joint undertaking.