Social Services

DAWN's Social Services Program serves as point of entry in reaching out to distressed women migrants and their children, addressing their immediate and/or short-term needs and providing for them a line of hope as they decide to take the long road back to rebuilding their lives.

Accessing support social service providers where necessary, along identified program areas is integral to DAWN’s Social Services Program.

The women’s and children’s circumstances are properly documented to enable appropriate support interventions.
Developments are closely monitored to ensure effectiveness of empowerment processes.
This includes but is not limited to, home visits, follow-up interviews, and school visits.

DAWN aids women and children in facilitating the necessary travel to and/or from other OFW host countries under compelling circumstances.

DAWN provides temporary shelter to migrant women (returning and returned) and their children's cases where their immediate circumstances pose threats to their lives or aggravate their already distressed situations.
In the absence of a temporary shelter, DAWN refers the women and/or their children to existing temporary shelters.

Competent and appropriate counselling interventions are undertaken with the women and their children.
The effective management of each case relies on the soundness of the counselling sessions.

DAWN assists women members of failed cross-cultural relationships/marriages who may not yet be fully financially independent, in supporting the educational requirements of their children.
DAWN encourages the women to complete their schooling or pursue technical/vocational education to improve their skills for future employment and/or financial independence.

DAWN assists women and/or their children to have access to health care services.

DAWN assists women or their children to have access to legal and paralegal services.

DAWN conducts therapeutic workshops for the women and their children.